Festival "Arelate, journées romaines d'Arles"

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The "Arelate, Roman days of Arles" festival will host late August in the ancient city of Arles and will seek to bring together a wide audience around this common heritage which saw unite the peoples of the Mediterranean basin and Western Europe and dive again to the heart of our roots to share the comforting feeling of belonging to a greater whole. For this, the programme of this edition, screenings of films of this genre Peplum for the festival of the Peplum, a great Roman afternoon film, monuments driven athletes, Gladiators and actors, artisans and still many animations and fun and educational re-enactments that relive the past in a monumental world heritage of UNESCO and an exceptional archaeological museum.Archaeologists, historians, re-enactors, artists and enthusiasts are waiting for the public to deliver to him the keys of this Roman period that shaped Arles for thousands of years! Learn more about the program here: https://www.festival-arelate.com/

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Dans différents lieux du centre-ville





Arelate, Roman days of Arles

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